Being a godly dad is the BEST thing you could EVER do for your kids. We'll give you the tools you need to get there.

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Being a godly dad is tough. When it comes to doing family devotions, budgeting time with your family, or communicating with your teens, most guys feel a little lost. Don’t let these obstacles keep you for maximizing your impact for Christ on your kids!

We’ve taken the top challenges Christian dads face and created content to help you overcome them. Father On Purpose is our online community that gives you the tools you need to become more patient, more intentional with your time, and have a bigger impact on your kids.

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"Every video has been deeply convicting and encouraging simultaneously, since it doesn’t matter if someone is a pastor/theology professor like me, or a newbie dad or baby in the faith."

Barry Joslin, Professor of Christian Theology

Get a Plan for Making An Eternal Impact On Your Kids

  • Action Plan – Take our quick assessment and get a personalized plan so you’ll know the steps you need to take to becoming a more godly dad.
  • Fatherhood Coaching – You’ll get brief, weekly videos, each covering a different aspect of fatherhood. Each video includes a “mission” to instantly apply what you’ve learned. Take a big step each week toward becoming a godly dad with just a ten minute investment of your time.
  • eBooks on the Challenges You Face – Each of our eBooks targets a specific fatherhood topic: overcoming anger, leading your family spiritually, managing your time, and much more. In less than an hour, you’ll master these areas all fathers wrestle with.
  • Digital Courses – Free courses dive deep into helping you overcome fatherhood’s greatest challenges. You’ll feel confident in even the most challenging parenting situations.
  • Bible Reading Plans – Find Scriptures to read and study on leading your family spiritually, becoming a better husband, or overcoming temptation. Become a mature father as you glean wisdom from the Word.
  • Community – You’ll be part of a community of like-minded dads from all over the world. You’ll be taught, challenged, and encouraged as you get to know guys further along the fatherhood journey. Never feel like you’re going it alone again.

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"The messages sent by Father On Purpose are well-timed to support us fathers on our fatherhood journey"

Michael Ohene-Effah, Accra, Ghana

You'll Receive a Weekly Fatherhood Coaching Video


Each week you'll receive a short video giving you insight into a specific area of fatherhood and a brief follow-up "mission." Become a more confident, patient dad by investing just a few minutes each week intentionally focused on biblical fatherhood. 

What you can expect from our weekly resources


The Bible is our ultimate guide as dads. 


We'll address real issues with plain, direct communication. 


All our content has an action step to apply right away. 


You're busy, so we won't waste your time.

Start Growing as a Dad Today!

 Becoming a godly dad takes time and consistent effort. But, we'll help you see maximum change right off the bat:

  • Start a habit of reading the Bible daily.
  • Download a book that takes on your greatest area of struggle as a father. 
  • Get weekly video coaching.

You'll start taking steps toward being a better dad today!

Learn from top fatherhood experts from around the country!

"You're helping dads everywhere and your content is all based on Scripture. Keep up the good work!"

Marty Hall, Corinth Mississippi

Are you a fit?

The Father on Purpose team is a group of dads who know the challenges of raising godly kids. Many times, we've wished for a place to get help to be more effective at this task. We hope Father on Purpose is such a place for you. 

We'll give you the very best from all we've learned  along this journey. We pray this will be a place you can connect with like-minded dads for encouragement and wisdom as you pour into your kids.

We're a community of dads who are trying to become more intentional

The Need for Godly Fathers

Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary shared powerful thoughts on biblical fatherhood during Manhood Journey's annual dinner. 

He directly addressed the urgent need for biblical fathers in today's society. Watch the video to hear this compelling challenge to us as fathers.


The Perfect Gift for the Father in Your Life

Fatherhood is hard, even for the best dads. Every father could use weekly encouragement and coaching in how to be a godly dad. Father On Purpose is the perfect gift for your husband, your adult kids, or your son-in-law. Give them the blessing of biblical encouragement and connection with a community of other dads. 

Be Confident with Scripture

One of our biggest responsibilities as dads is passing on Biblical wisdom to our kids. Yet, many guys have never been taught how to study the Bible, must less teach it to their sons and daughters. 

Father On Purpose will give you practical tools to help you feel confident understanding the Bible and teaching your children to do the same. Check out this short training video for free!

Gain Wisdom from Other Dads

You’ll be part of a community of like-minded dads from around the globe. Ask questions of dads who have been there before. Be encouraged by praying for each other.

You’ll connect with guys who have struggles just like you and desire to link arms to move ahead together.

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