You're not a dad by accident.
So go be a father on purpose

You're a dad who wants to disciple your children in Jesus Christ.
Intentionally and faithfully. On purpose. We can help you on that journey.

Welcome, Trailmen friends!

You and I may have met before at a Trail Life USA event. I lead a ministry called Manhood Journey, and we've been proud Trail Life USA partners from the beginning. We strive to help help dads leave a godly legacy in the lives of their kids. That's why I'm thrilled you've dropped by to learn more about our online community, Father On Purpose.

Father on Purpose gives you the tools you need to navigate the challenges of raising your kids in a godly way. Each week, you'll receive a resource – usually a video – designed to instruct, encourage, and challenge you toward excelling at fatherhood. The resources are brief, easy-to-consume, and always include an action plan you can implement quickly.

You'll also be able to interact with growing network of other dads who are committed to discipling our kids toward Christian faith and maturity.

We've even added a special bonus item just for Trailmen. We hope you'll join us today!

Kent Evans
Executive Director, Manhood Journey

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What you'll receive when you join

Father On Purpose is designed to give you all the equipping and encouragement you need to excel at being a dad! As a member you'll receive the following:

  • Weekly video and multimedia content
  • Lessons and devotionals on fatherhood
  • Practical applications for you and your family
  • Member access to our subscription site
  • Downloadable family devotionals and discussion guides
  • Exclusive interviews with fatherhood experts
  • Access to Father On Purpose groups
  • Member directory and search
  • Online discussions and group chats
  • Discounts on Manhood Journey discipleship material

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What you can expect from the weekly resources


The Bible is our ultimate guide as dads. 


We'll address real issues with plain, direct communication. 


All our content has an action step to apply right away. 


You're busy, so we won't waste your time.

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Culture Wars Field Guide - FREE!

The world our kids live in is radically different than the one in which we grew up. If you are going to help your children understand and conquer our culture, you must we aware of these differences. Our Culture Wars Field Guides gives you the wisdom you need to help your kids navigate our increasingly difficult culture.

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As a Father on Purpose member, you'll receive practical insight each week to help you be a disciple-making dad.

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What Dads Are Saying about Father On Purpose

"Thanks for all you do to help men like me be better men, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers.” 

Pomona, KS
“Really like the good advice for modern dads. Keep up the good fight brother!”

Dallas, TX
"You provide me with wise counsel that is full of practical advice. Thank you!" 

Arequipa, Peru
"Your input has helped me consider and grow in aspects of fatherhood I had never thought of before."

Lexington, KY 

The Need for Godly Fathers

Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary shared powerful thoughts on biblical fatherhood during Manhood Journey's annual dinner. 

He directly addressed the urgent need for biblical fathers in today's society. Watch the video to hear this compelling challenge to us as fathers.

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Wise Guys Masterclass

How can you get the guidance you need in life and as a father? From wise guys, of course. Fellow guys all around you, even ones you already know, have experienced more and lived through situations that you haven't yet known.  In the Wise Guys Masterclass, Kent Evans shows you how to mine the men around you for the wisdom you need to excel as a dad.

$47 value!

The Connected Father Digital Course

The Connected Father is designed to help busy dads like you. In the course, you'll learn 12 strategies to help you lead your family with confidence. You'll learn how to get your children to communicate with you about things that really matter: to be connected!

$47 value!

Six-Part Checkpoints video series

As you enter the exciting but unknown journey of fatherhood, our Checkpoints video series gives you solid advice from guys who are further down the "trail" than you. Get wisdom and creative ideas on topics such as family prayer, perseverance as a dad, and even the best reason for wanting to be an excellent father!

$15 value!

Clean Hearts Discussion Guide

Young men can be uniquely challenged in the area of purity – and not just related to sexual temptation. They need to be kept pure from greed, selfishness and other destructive life patterns. Learn how to discuss these critical issues with your son or with a group of fathers and sons. 

$20 value!

7 Deadly Sins eBook

Pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust; we fall to them all as human beings and as fathers. Discover how you can "put them off" and free yourself to be the father that God has called you to be. 

$7 value!

Together these resources are worth over $160 and they are yours for FREE if you subscribe before December 31!

Are you a fit?

The Father on Purpose team is a group of dads who know the challenges of raising godly kids. Many times, we've wished for a place to get help to be more effective at this task. We hope Father on Purpose will be such a place for you. 

We want to give you the very best from all we've learned s along this journey. We pray this will be a place you can connect with like-minded dads for encouragement and wisdom as you pour into your kids.

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